habitus HD™ | In-depth exploration using film, photography and sound capture.

  • Offers unparalleled access to the lives of participants by documenting the richness of interactions, emotions and reflections

  • Film, photography and sound offer greater, more nuanced opportunities to review and learn, bringing touchpoints to life

  • Delivers the most compelling stories, helping you to understand the lives of people your organisation engage

 Content production & filming / editing  | Inspirational stories, branded films, NGO films, briefs, interviews etc.

  • We produce creative and very good looking video content for our clients

  • We're experts in using film to convey narratives. We can provide film and post production services without a research element if it's already complete or not required

  • You'll still benefit from our experience as storytellers and producers, especially when dealing with sensitive topics and hard to reach people and places

habitus VirtualWorlds™ | Virtual reality creates deep visual & sensory access to people & places.

  • Gain the deepest available visual understanding of people by getting closer to lived experiences and journeys. VR is an exciting & powerful tool for UX research

  • Access the latest technology available in 360° virtual reality capture, helping you visualise in context from the boardroom

  • Get closer to the day-to-day interactions people have with the environments they journey through

  • Access to deeper levels of empathy and storytelling enabling greater and more impactful insight

habitus StillLife™ | In-depth exploration using photography, photo journals and sound capture.

  • An agile and effective methodology

  • Immersive sound capture can be used to collate quotes, captions and ambient audio for added insight

  • Delivers engaging audiovisual documentation of consumer journeys and user experiences


In depth discussion and observation

  • A tried and tested research method whereby the researcher conducts a guided discussion exploring ideas and themes as they emerge

  • Often used in conjunction with audiovisual methods, this is simple and effective as a stand alone resource - especially where confidentiality and discretion are a concern


Life-logging (participant/user generated content)

  • Participants generate content themselves without habitus teams present, according to a task schedule or diary

  • Using publicly available material (social media etc.) as a part of primary research, especially effective when looking at brands

  • Huge volumes of data can be gathered at minimal cost as part of primary research

  • Useful for extended studies, product and service assessments