Eoghan’s background is in cultural anthropology and as a researcher in frontier markets, with experience in Hong Kong, Thailand, Myanmar, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Mexico & Nepal. He identified a gap in research services - realising that few organisations were willing to provide culturally sensitive insight from the ground up in these hard-to-reach places. This lead to the formation of habitus Insight, whose ambition is to go where others won’t to help organisations improve, expand and better serve the communities they engage.


Marc specialised in market and social research with large agencies and consultancies.  Realising what is missing from mainstream research - being able to tell emotive stories through insight, and tell organisations 'why' people behave the way they do - he focusses on innovative qualitative and visual methods as habitus' Research and Insight lead. His work has seen him help FTSE 100 companies across a range of industries including Leisure & Hospitality, Retail, Manufacturing, Logistics, Aviation, Utilities, Local Government and the Third Sector. Years of research experience, a fascination with people & society and technical know-how are key in designing habitus' approach.


Catrin's appetite for the finer details, allied with her dogged approach to organisation, has sharpened her project managing edge as both a producer and director. Her broad and varied knowledge of film production, from commercial work with high-calibre production agencies to more clandestine documentaries for charities and NGOs, has allowed Catrin the ability to marry both operational creativity and pragmatism. Catrin is competent and dependable and ensures projects are nurtured and developed from conception to completion with her finger, always, firmly on the pulse. 


Saskia has a BA in Anthropology and Cultural Studies from the University of Sussex. Since graduating in 2010, she has worked as a freelance Documentary Researcher for major broadcasters, such as Channel 4 and the BBC. She has also worked for clients such as the Office of National Statistics as a CCS interviewer, conducting in depth interviews with people in their homes. In her spare time, she has worked as a volunteer in the education department of Hackney and City Mind and spent six months in Swaziland teaching English in a Secondary School.  



With over seven years experience working in film and photography for top research agencies around the world, George has developed a sincere and dexterous approach to visual research. His fieldwork has taken him from schools in Chicago to kitchens in Shanghai and beyond, exploring the extraordinary and ordinary. His keen interest in both ethnographic and documentarian assignments has seen George work for dynamic global brands, the Greater London Authority, the British Army and various international NGOs



With a background in Social Anthropology and participatory filmmaking, Sebastien has over eight years experience working as a documentary filmmaker and impact producer with The Big Issue, Amnesty International, The Guardian, Amplify and other international NGO's and media agencies. Equally comfortable working in remote locations on sensitive documentaries as on large budget productions. His passion is to ingrain campaigning and outreach strategies with films to maximise their social and cultural impact. Sebastien is based in London but has extensive experience working in Europe, Latin America, the US and China.


Alice has a BA and a Masters in Architecture from The University of Sheffield and CASS School of Architecture respectively. She was awarded a distinction for her Masters and was nominated for the highly prestigious RIBA Silver medal 2015.  Alice has curated and managed humanitarian architecture events as co-ordinator of the architecture and ethnography group, Tangentfield. Engaging organisations including Architecture for humanity and Architecture sans Frontiere, the live build events explored the varying cultural design rhythms of building temporary structures. Alice is also assistant to the Creative Director of Greenpeace for their Glastonbury project.


Owen is an ethnographer specialising in participant observation, thematic and discourse analysis. He gained his BA studying Social Anthropology (University of Kent) and holds two postgraduate degrees in Anthropology of Development (School of Oriental and African Studies) and Social Research Methods (London School of Economics). His substantive interests include participation and empowerment in development, NGOs and Civil Society, and poverty and inequality in Britain.