The Bottom of the Pyramid 

The Bottom of the Pyramid ‘BOP’ is a socio economic concept that describes a vast global market segment. It refers to people who are living on less that $2.50 a day and are therefore marginalised. Many sources state that the global population of those living in the BOP is in excess of four billion.

More visible markets are wealthier making them more competitive and therefore saturated. Consumers and non-consumers in the BoP can provide valuable insight opportunities for local and international organisations.

From an ethnographic research perspective this is a very rich field, one that is currently globally poorly understood and almost invisible.

The BOP is the world’s largest and poorest population.

Delivering products and services to new markets and new market segments is becoming a reality. This is largely down to rapid advancements in mobile tech and tech infrastructure.

The world is seeing a steep increase in the number of businesses growing through a better and invested understanding of emerging and frontier markets. In order to stay competitive global organisations need to recognise BOP markets a call for and source of innovation.

At habitus Insight we believe that we can assist organisations to better understand the socio-economic complexities of this diverse and important global population. We strongly believe that a deeper understanding of this complex and underserved demographic is necessary. Habitus is committed to sustainable development, environmentally responsible solutions, we believe that through greater understanding and collaboration new profitable business models will emerge.

BOP markets worldwide provide the perfect opportunity to test out new and progressive business models built around a share vision of the future.