empowered & new culture

Whether your organisation is looking to gain insight into a subculture unique to San Francisco or the rapidly growing middle class of the Philippines, we are on hand to help you gain an understanding into dominant culture or ever-changing life on the fringes.

Behavioural analysis and cultural insight are only possible if we understand what divides people but also what unites us.

researching empowered & new culture

There is no single answer to gaining clear cultural understanding, but through a combination of close observation, participation, comparison and non-intrusive visual techniques we can create a picture of people's lived experience.

Is there something you want to know but didn’t know how to ask it? We accept your challenge…

Which sports brands are considered ‘cool’ amongst the young adults in Nairobi?

Do teenagers in India listen to the Radio, if so which stations?

Is there a growing electronic music scene in Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar, and how best do we get involved? 

...these are the types of questions we love getting our teeth into, so reach out to us and discuss your unique question.