Case study 2: Freedom (In-depth interview, AV storytelling, archive research)

The Client

A British human rights organisation with a specific mandate and focus on the defence and promotion of freedom of expression and freedom of information worldwide.

The Challenge

We were approached by an NGO who needed support creating an audio/visual story and representation of the on-going work they carry out in their regional offices around the world. The project needed to bring to life the different challenges faced on the ground in their international programmes. Our challenge was to capture and organise stories from their seven regional offices, creating an engaging narrative for an external audience.

Our Solution

We conducted in-depth interviews in the offices we could reach economically (keeping our carbon footprint low) and drew up a shooting and interview brief to send to their regional offices in Bangladesh, Gambia, Tunisia, Mexico and Brazil. Each office answered a set of questions tailored to the specific challenges being faced across the region. Topics ranged from journalist protection in Kenya to the education of rural women in Tunisia. We created the visual story with archive and online news footage of specific social/political events, bringing the audience closer to the lived realities of bloggers, journalists and activists working on the ground.

The Result

With a short lead-time we created a comprehensive and engaging film that was shown at the organisations 30th Annual event at Kings Place in London. The film is currently being condensed into a trailered version, which will be used by their communications team and for presentations, fundraisers and workshops. This was the first time the NGO had their story told in AV format, in a way which captured the breadth of important work they do globally - it's proving to be a powerful tool in communicating their history and vision.